Sakura Matsuri Pictures!

ワアアアアア!!! (´Д`≡´Д` )

I’m sorry you guys! I’ve been pretty busy with finishing up my AX cosplays and finals/regents! QnQ I didn’t have the time to really concentrate on posting up pictures from Sakura Matsuri orz..But I’m here now so 8D; Thanks for waiting patiently..!



Sakura Matsuri ’10 Introduction!

The Sakura Matsuri introduction video is finally up ( *≧▽≦)!! Like Misoto, I’m extremely nervous about tomorrow…( *´Д` ) It’s been about 8 months since we last cosplayed since there aren’t that many cons/festivals/cosplay events around our area..But! I’m sure both of us will get into character once we step out of the car and into the festival! ( ^∇^ )

Oh, and please look out for us! Both of us welcome any hellos!

Gekokujou Project

Hey guys! Check out our videos 8D Ahaha..

It’s Misoto and I going to our usual fabric store to buy the fabric we need for our Gekokujou inspired project! By Gekokujou inspired, I mean we’re doing a Miku and Luka version instead of Rin and Len! We’ll be debuting this cosplay at Sakura Matsuri, so please look out for us!

I don’t have much to say, but please look forward to our next video! It will recorded on the day before Sakura Matsuri so keep your eyes open, guys!

Anime Next plans are cancelled!!

No the convention itself isn’t cancelled! D8 Sorry if it gave some of you guys heart attacks..

MY plans for Anime Next are cancelled because my partner in cosplay, Misotok‘s friend isn’t going to go anymore. We were supposed to go as a Kuroshitsuji group? But it’s not going to happen so haha OTL It’s fine though because instead we’ll be doing a Megurine Luka & Hatsune Miku version of “Gekokujou” – Kagamine Rin & Len for Sakura Matsuri! I’m pumped up about it!! Plus, the scenery is going to be beautiful! It’s going to go with the mood of our cosplay well! 8D

Hope to see some of you there! C: