Ahhh, another not important but somewhat important post D8

I’m eagerly waiting for the 13th of March because I’m finally getting a


;n; I need that dentist appointment so bad…I’ve been waiting for 9 years for this day..I’m frankly, I’m upset my mom didn’t appoint a dentist appointment sooner even though she knew my right front tooth is crooked.. I asked her why she never bought me to the dentist and she said “Because your crooked teeth is cute.”


So..I’m going to get the dentist appointment (YES) and soon enough, I’ll be able to get braces ;u; I really needed to fix my teeth in order to not look retarded when I smile in cosplay orz I’m also jealous of the kids who can smile with their teeth… This is one of my biggest regrets.. Not convincing my mom to assign me to a dentist sooner.. orz I hate my mom for that gnjkdlasngjkl *cries*

I also need to fix my cavities and maybe root canals.. Because of those bastards, I can’t eat anything I want.. Mainly speaking, sweets and sugary snacks ;____; The pain started kicking in just a few days ago when I had these bastards for about a good 3 years.. I also can’t eat ANYTHING right now because I have a blister at the end of my last tooth on the top row on the left and I have another blister on the top of my mouth on the left so orz I have to chew on my right..



Not in the best of mood right now :C Trying to get over something that may seem to take a long time for me to cope with.. It’s rather private so I’d rather not reveal too much..Just..not in my best mood OTL

Other than my not so good mood, I was working on my KAITO @ VOCALOID cosplay today C: (There’s one thing that made my day). I already have the wig, contacts, and nail polish. I was working on his coat today with my mom haha.. It was exhausting orz My shoulders hurt and I didn’t get to work with this one as much because this cosplay is pretty complicated and it’s really detailed apparently. So I did more learning than experimenting today..sigh :C

I took pictures of the process but they’re not that good because I kept forgetting to take some so it skipped a lot of parts ngjsdklgtnlk OTL… And the cloth was clumped up together so you can’t tell what the heck it is..Look forward to it!