Sakura Matsuri ’10 Introduction!

The Sakura Matsuri introduction video is finally up ( *≧▽≦)!! Like Misoto, I’m extremely nervous about tomorrow…( *´Д` ) It’s been about 8 months since we last cosplayed since there aren’t that many cons/festivals/cosplay events around our area..But! I’m sure both of us will get into character once we step out of the car and into the festival! ( ^∇^ )

Oh, and please look out for us! Both of us welcome any hellos!



I made a new OC!!

(Click the image above to enlarge it C:)

Fuyuki 酖喜

Name: 酖 (Poison) 喜 (Take pleasure in)

Birthday: February 12

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Star Sign: Aquarius

Hair Color: Non-photo Blue

Eye Color: Midnight Green

Skin Color: Papaya Whip

Height: 5’5″ (168cm)

Weight: 126lbs (58Kg)

Personality: Quiet, Mysterious, Can’t tell what he’s thinking, hard to understand, can be uncooperative, lazy, slow, oblivious, curious, old fashioned, emotionless, clueless

Likes: Astrology, tarot cards, Winter, snow, quiet places, air conditioner, birds, violin

Dislikes: Summer, beaches, skeptics, moving around, conversations about “Love”, electronics, dogs

Reputation: Very well known around the neighborhood and his school because of his looks and strange personality. Approached many times because of his good looks from both male and female. Known for rejecting everyone that asked him out.

Background: Works at a psychic house. Was raised by the owner of the psychic house because he was abandoned by both of his parents. He tries to help out around the place to repay the owner’s kindness. He works at a cafe to pay for the expenses he owes the owner.

Just Joined 8D;

Still trying to figure out how to work this thing OTL

So besides that, I finally made a blog 8D; It’s still very amateurish as you can see. It’s still in progress. I don’t expect anyone to follow my page or actually comment/view it. Just sharing interesting things that’re happening in my life C: Such as cosplay events, new drawings/OCs, etc. I don’t know how frequently I’ll be updating so I’ll my on hiatus most of the time haha;; I have to get used to this thing orz It’s a little confusing since I’m new to it..Hopefully it’ll get easier to use this.