Sakura Matsuri Pictures!

ワアアアアア!!! (´Д`≡´Д` )

I’m sorry you guys! I’ve been pretty busy with finishing up my AX cosplays and finals/regents! QnQ I didn’t have the time to really concentrate on posting up pictures from Sakura Matsuri orz..But I’m here now so 8D; Thanks for waiting patiently..!



Sakura Matsuri ’10 Introduction!

The Sakura Matsuri introduction video is finally up ( *≧▽≦)!! Like Misoto, I’m extremely nervous about tomorrow…( *´Д` ) It’s been about 8 months since we last cosplayed since there aren’t that many cons/festivals/cosplay events around our area..But! I’m sure both of us will get into character once we step out of the car and into the festival! ( ^∇^ )

Oh, and please look out for us! Both of us welcome any hellos!

Gekokujou Project

Hey guys! Check out our videos 8D Ahaha..

It’s Misoto and I going to our usual fabric store to buy the fabric we need for our Gekokujou inspired project! By Gekokujou inspired, I mean we’re doing a Miku and Luka version instead of Rin and Len! We’ll be debuting this cosplay at Sakura Matsuri, so please look out for us!

I don’t have much to say, but please look forward to our next video! It will recorded on the day before Sakura Matsuri so keep your eyes open, guys!