Anime Next plans are cancelled!!

No the convention itself isn’t cancelled! D8 Sorry if it gave some of you guys heart attacks..

MY plans for Anime Next are cancelled because my partner in cosplay, Misotok‘s friend isn’t going to go anymore. We were supposed to go as a Kuroshitsuji group? But it’s not going to happen so haha OTL It’s fine though because instead we’ll be doing a Megurine Luka & Hatsune Miku version of “Gekokujou” – Kagamine Rin & Len for Sakura Matsuri! I’m pumped up about it!! Plus, the scenery is going to be beautiful! It’s going to go with the mood of our cosplay well! 8D

Hope to see some of you there! C:


2010 cons for this year!

So this year is going to be a pretty busy year for me and my cosplay partner, Misotok! Here are our list of Anime cons/festivals and what I’ll be cosplaying as:

Sakura Matsuri

Hong Kong @ Axis Powers Hetalia (I’m a little unsure about doing this one for Sakura Matsuri because I do have a group that’s all the the Asia characters, but I’m not sure if they’re up for it still D| So I may be doing something Vocaloid related instead with Misotok)

Anime Next

Viscount Druitt @ Kuroshitsuji

Japan Day

I still don’t know if I’m going to this one yet OTL But if I am, I have to come up with a cosplay for this one…

Anime Expo

Hong Kong @ Axis Powers Hetalia

Serizawa Reira @ NANA

Lal Mirch @ Katekyo Hitman Reborn


I haven’t decided what my 5th cosplay would be since a lot of the cosplays I wanted to do for it were bombed >__>


Saturday – KAITO @ VOCALOID “Sandplay”

Sunday – Megurine Luka @ VOCALOID “Magnet”

If you see me there, come say hi C: I’m not a mean person. It would be nice if some of you linked me pictures that were taken of me or Misotok. I’ll look forward to seeing some of you!