I couldn’t come up with a title for this post OTL

Anyways! Me and my best friend, Ari were planning on exchanging letters filled with paper children of our OCs and favorite characters C: And so I’m going to show you guys my share of the trade

From Left to Right:

Saki, Koji, Leo, Sean, Asuka, Yuu, Ken, Rinji, Minami

Breadfish, pelvic thrusting stickman, Sora, Kyo, Kioshi, Shiro and Kuro, Hibari, Yamamoto

Hong Kong, China, Kichirou, Ayama, Yukimura, Endou, Hideaki, Mikeru, Chen, Evan


LOL I just had to take a picture of this..I was picking them all up to put them back into the envelope but these two fell out of my hand and ended up in this position LOL. Talk about coincidence!

I’m not half way done with the other chibis haha orz I have 29/69 done…*SOB* Not half way there yet..

After I finish this share, I have to make 4 chibis for another friend because she thought it was cute @___@;; Then my friends at my lunch table wanted to see chibis of themselves so I have to draw all my friends at my lunch table *SIGH* So all together it would be 29/90 *SOB* This is too much..I hope my back can take this >__> I’m not sure if my mom will tolerate her continuous contribution of laminate paper either LOL…Wish me luck :C