One of my pieces are going to featured!


My art teacher said she was so proud of one of my pieces, she’d like to feature it at this public school’s art show *U* I can’t wait to hear about it! I don’t know when the art show is, but I hope I get some good critiques *__* In case you guys are wondering which of my pieces are going to featured, it’s this one:

It’s my self portrait. Yes, yes it looks nothing like me. That’s because it’s not my self portrait of my outside but rather my inside C: AHA CREATIVITY STRIKES! Each item or color symbolizes something and they’re all about something rather depressing D’8 So I’m not going to go into details..

Materials used:

2B pencil, 4B pencil, 6B pencil, magazine cut outs, Crayola color pencils, Crayola Red Paint, and a piece a paper I found on the floor at my school LOL