I was with my cosplay partner, Misotok, at this Chinese/Japanese mall called Elizabeth Center in China town and I stumbled upon a plush from a series I’m very very VERY familiar with. It’s..


But something seemed a bit wrong when I looked at him from the other side…


THIS IS THE ONE OF THE MOST CONFUSING SHOPPING EXPERIENCES I’VE EVER HAD THAT DEALS WITH ANIME OTL…You may not be as convinced as me that that plush was Hibari from KHR but..Here’s one where you absolutely cannot mistaken for another character..

SAWADA TSUNAYOSHI (TSUNA) [He’s in the middle btw, that should be obvious] FROM KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN!

You cannot mistaken this for another character..There’s no way.. You don’t know how much I’m stressing about that to convince you guys >8C Now, something with this plush is wrong as well.

It’s a little hard to see but if you stare real hard at it, you’ll see the words “NARUTO” on it…*CRIES*

I’m not sure if it has something to do with the Shonen Jump series and that’s why they put Naruto on it but..This is just wrong 8C I can’t believe they did that..

They also had a Rokudo Mukuro one and the tag was Naruto too but I didn’t take a picture of him 8C Sadly..



Ahhh, another not important but somewhat important post D8

I’m eagerly waiting for the 13th of March because I’m finally getting a


;n; I need that dentist appointment so bad…I’ve been waiting for 9 years for this day..I’m frankly, I’m upset my mom didn’t appoint a dentist appointment sooner even though she knew my right front tooth is crooked.. I asked her why she never bought me to the dentist and she said “Because your crooked teeth is cute.”


So..I’m going to get the dentist appointment (YES) and soon enough, I’ll be able to get braces ;u; I really needed to fix my teeth in order to not look retarded when I smile in cosplay orz I’m also jealous of the kids who can smile with their teeth… This is one of my biggest regrets.. Not convincing my mom to assign me to a dentist sooner.. orz I hate my mom for that gnjkdlasngjkl *cries*

I also need to fix my cavities and maybe root canals.. Because of those bastards, I can’t eat anything I want.. Mainly speaking, sweets and sugary snacks ;____; The pain started kicking in just a few days ago when I had these bastards for about a good 3 years.. I also can’t eat ANYTHING right now because I have a blister at the end of my last tooth on the top row on the left and I have another blister on the top of my mouth on the left so orz I have to chew on my right..

One of my pieces are going to featured!


My art teacher said she was so proud of one of my pieces, she’d like to feature it at this public school’s art show *U* I can’t wait to hear about it! I don’t know when the art show is, but I hope I get some good critiques *__* In case you guys are wondering which of my pieces are going to featured, it’s this one:

It’s my self portrait. Yes, yes it looks nothing like me. That’s because it’s not my self portrait of my outside but rather my inside C: AHA CREATIVITY STRIKES! Each item or color symbolizes something and they’re all about something rather depressing D’8 So I’m not going to go into details..

Materials used:

2B pencil, 4B pencil, 6B pencil, magazine cut outs, Crayola color pencils, Crayola Red Paint, and a piece a paper I found on the floor at my school LOL


Anime Next plans are cancelled!!

No the convention itself isn’t cancelled! D8 Sorry if it gave some of you guys heart attacks..

MY plans for Anime Next are cancelled because my partner in cosplay, Misotok‘s friend isn’t going to go anymore. We were supposed to go as a Kuroshitsuji group? But it’s not going to happen so haha OTL It’s fine though because instead we’ll be doing a Megurine Luka & Hatsune Miku version of “Gekokujou” – Kagamine Rin & Len for Sakura Matsuri! I’m pumped up about it!! Plus, the scenery is going to be beautiful! It’s going to go with the mood of our cosplay well! 8D

Hope to see some of you there! C:


I made a new OC!!

(Click the image above to enlarge it C:)

Fuyuki 酖喜

Name: 酖 (Poison) 喜 (Take pleasure in)

Birthday: February 12

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Star Sign: Aquarius

Hair Color: Non-photo Blue

Eye Color: Midnight Green

Skin Color: Papaya Whip

Height: 5’5″ (168cm)

Weight: 126lbs (58Kg)

Personality: Quiet, Mysterious, Can’t tell what he’s thinking, hard to understand, can be uncooperative, lazy, slow, oblivious, curious, old fashioned, emotionless, clueless

Likes: Astrology, tarot cards, Winter, snow, quiet places, air conditioner, birds, violin

Dislikes: Summer, beaches, skeptics, moving around, conversations about “Love”, electronics, dogs

Reputation: Very well known around the neighborhood and his school because of his looks and strange personality. Approached many times because of his good looks from both male and female. Known for rejecting everyone that asked him out.

Background: Works at a psychic house. Was raised by the owner of the psychic house because he was abandoned by both of his parents. He tries to help out around the place to repay the owner’s kindness. He works at a cafe to pay for the expenses he owes the owner.

KAITO cosplay so far!

Okay, I’m skipping the steps I took to make the KAITO cosplay :C I’m too lazy to upload all of them into photobucket and then resize them down..Takes too long OTL I’ll just show you pictures of how it looks. I managed to make the jacket in one day!!! fnsjklgnkla!! I’M SO PROUD!! I already have my wig too! ;U; I just need to get some brown dress pants and sow on the yellow arrow on that, make the scarf, get the headset, and get some shoes for him..Which I haven’t decided which version I should wear OTL I can’t decide between the HelloCosplay one or the original plain black ones..I have no idea how the black ones look or what kind of shoes they are *sob* I already have my contacts and the flat colored nail polish so that’s good orz Okay, so here’s the pictures:

Okay so here is a test shot 8D Pretty clear if I do say so myself~ I was kneeling down so that’s why I look extremely short here, haha. As you can see, I haven’t styled or cut my wig yet, but the color and condition is great! oUo I bought the wig from cosplaywig. Their wigs are extremely good (well..most of them). I trust them in wigs more than other eBay sellers haha;; Oh, and that little grey line going down the middle of my jacket isn’t part of it XDD It’s the strap to my camera.

Here’s me trying to pull of seme :C Because all my RP/cosplay friends keep poking fun at how “uke” I am..feh LOL. Well I prove them wrong! 8D I am not semuke, but still uke..orz  I really like how broad my chest and shoulders look lol ;u; And I was searching up other KAITO cosplays the other day, and I noticed their collars are completely different from mine @___@;; I wasn’t sure whose is more accurate but this looks fine right..?

Okay I really can’t pull of seme so I went back to being uke LOL I’m sorry I keep blocking my face with the camera :C I really don’t like my face and I’m working on it so..orz I like how the wig looks here..


I can never not take a stupid picture LOL Making stupid/retarded expressions are my cup of tea LOLOL~ And I’m actually wearing my blue contacts but because the lighting is extremely dim, you can’t see it :C I also  put blue eye shadow on my eyebrows and eyelashes so it appears as blue, but again, because the lighting really sucks you can’t see it >__> You’d be able to see it clearly if I was out in the light..At least you can see my blue nails? OTL

So here’s the bottom of the back (Top) and the front (Bottom). You can see some loose thread here and there because I didn’t cut them before I took the pictures..LOL OTL

Here’s the back =u=; The costume looks big when it isn’t on me but it’s actually VERY TIGHT FJDKAN FFFF LOL What sucks is that the zipper I got isn’t one of those that you can unzip it and both sides of the zipper separate :C It’s one of those zippers where when you unzip it, it stops at the end of the zipper; in other words, you can’t separate both sides of the zipper so I have to step into it orz…If that made any sense at all sob..

So thanks for looking! 8D I’ll be debuting this cosplay at AX ‘1o (Anime Expo)! See you there!!


Not in the best of mood right now :C Trying to get over something that may seem to take a long time for me to cope with.. It’s rather private so I’d rather not reveal too much..Just..not in my best mood OTL

Other than my not so good mood, I was working on my KAITO @ VOCALOID cosplay today C: (There’s one thing that made my day). I already have the wig, contacts, and nail polish. I was working on his coat today with my mom haha.. It was exhausting orz My shoulders hurt and I didn’t get to work with this one as much because this cosplay is pretty complicated and it’s really detailed apparently. So I did more learning than experimenting today..sigh :C

I took pictures of the process but they’re not that good because I kept forgetting to take some so it skipped a lot of parts ngjsdklgtnlk OTL… And the cloth was clumped up together so you can’t tell what the heck it is..Look forward to it!

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