Not in the best of mood right now :C Trying to get over something that may seem to take a long time for me to cope with.. It’s rather private so I’d rather not reveal too much..Just..not in my best mood OTL

Other than my not so good mood, I was working on my KAITO @ VOCALOID cosplay today C: (There’s one thing that made my day). I already have the wig, contacts, and nail polish. I was working on his coat today with my mom haha.. It was exhausting orz My shoulders hurt and I didn’t get to work with this one as much because this cosplay is pretty complicated and it’s really detailed apparently. So I did more learning than experimenting today..sigh :C

I took pictures of the process but they’re not that good because I kept forgetting to take some so it skipped a lot of parts ngjsdklgtnlk OTL… And the cloth was clumped up together so you can’t tell what the heck it is..Look forward to it!


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